there's only so much you can do

I said it's not my fault 

it's outta my control...

there's only so much you can do

sometimes we think we could do it all

like we're superman or somethin'

well I like to think I'm batman sometimes

 but I still can't do it all

I don't think any of us can...

what do ya think?!

I think I'm right... see ya!!

fun n games

we live a life we make decisions

one is waking up each day

we gotta breathe go through the motions

never underestimate

we wanna do the things that make us

who we think we wanna be

trying things we try to make up

it's not all it's cracked up to be

this life it's not fun 'n games 

it's not... fun (repeat) in games

some of us do more than we should

while others watch and reap the goods

and some are bound for glory and fame

where others lack and place the blame

this life it's not fun 'n games

it's not... fun!

band geek

It's been a long time since...

somebody called me a sissy

I've been to high school

somebody called me a band geek

so now I'm singing this song about all of them fools

I've had hair down to my ass

somebody made fun of me

I stood up for myself

and now I'm singing this song about a boy named me

can you relate with me

now it's time to turn the other cheek

it's no lie we've all been ridiculed

I've got pride to say I'm a band geek

and I don't mind, I really don't mind

I wanna be a band geek

so what if I'm a band geek

proud to be a band geek

I was born to be a band geek

you know you wanna be a band geek

upload this

you got your omg's and your lol's abbreviate this what the hell
is the matter with our world today affecting the youth in disarray

does anybody know does anybody care

I get an smh and stfu, idk what I'm gonna do

is anyone sane enough to dare someone to speak their mind and wear

a face that is agenda free no hypocrites or phonies

I said oh my god I'm laughing out loud

why don't you upload this to your icloud

I hear a wtf and lmao communicate this now where do we go

the quality of life ya see it's all about the "what's in it for me"

some will push the envelope and some will take their words and choke

we think it's funny I think we do 

a laughing matter is never thought through

short message service or an sms is paving the way to an sos

I got your btw, ttyl, tgif, I gotta gel

jk, tbh, fyi it's all tmi, it's all tmi, it's all tmi - I said 

so-called artist

ya think you're damn cool you so-called artist an artificial fool

the credit that you take you so-called artist music you replicate

believing that you are a so-called artist overnight superstar

bet everything you do you so-called artist pathetic through and through

so-called artist - get a life..

this life you choose to live and this heart you cannot give

the way you seek is yours so please remain behind closed doors

pretend you have a mind some things do not rewind

this place that's in your head keep thinking that your soul is dead

easier said

So when you're feeling down

and you can't get up

It's when you need a sign

that you know you're tough

and this thing we all call life

... is beautiful

and at times we sacrifice 

as it takes its toll

we all fall down we all get up

sometimes it's easier said

So when you're all alone 

and got time to think

look at the things that make

oh you smile and wink

It'll pick you up again

oh I know it will

It's 'cause you got the heart 

and you got the will

and when you need a friend

I'm right here

two arms to hold you tight

two inviting ears

just know you're no alone 

and you will never be

I'll be right by your side

til eternity

the possibilities

We're always disbelieving

so why is it that we cannot see

the good in anything

so many circumstances

somehow it's not enough to please

this society

what do we do when we're faced with negativity

consuming our emotions

pessimism free...

the possibilities...

are waiting to be seen

can give us what we need

a chance to see

there's more to life than you and me

each day's a new beginning

to stop crying and start singing

there's a place for everything

and these chains that bind must be free

let them go

and throw them out to sea...


we sat around and played a game just like old times remembered the same

all of us age and all of us change but there are some things in life we just can't rearrange

what if we had all of the money like monopoly

we'd live like the rich buy all of the land and properties

this life's not a game it ain't nothin' like this philosophy 

'cause some of us win but most of us lose like monopoly (like monopoly)

you cannot pass go or collect any dough

get outta jail card it don't fly anymore

it's nice to dream eventually you'll wake up

so go on with your life take the good times with the tough

who makes all the rules and carries out the plan

whatever happened to the independent man

we live from day to day and do the best we can

our fingers to the bone who gets it in the end

what if we had all of the money like monopoly... like monopoly

this life's not a game it ain't nothin' like this atrocity

'cause some of us win but most of us lose in monopoly...

the way she makes me feel

can't take my eyes off her so hard to concentrate

 the way she makes me feel is this even for real

so many things to say she takes my breath away

my heart won't be the same it adds a beat each day

I just can't get enough her smile her laugh her touch

she brightens up my day in so many ways

I just know there's something there can't help this smile I wear

and this taste of happiness don't ever let it end

'cause she makes me feel like I'm alive

'n for a while I felt like my soul has died

she makes me feel like I'm alive

'n for a while I felt like my soul has died

it's the way she makes me feel


step out of yourself you just might find someone else

you just might find someone hiding inside

something searching for maybe reaching for that star

you know it's in you so what are you waiting for

a little goes a long way you owe it to yourself to be ok

and no matter what people say you owe it to yourself to be ok

wanting so much more than this life has to offer

so many good things this world's in the palm of your hands

so go on and be that you you've always known in your heart it's true

no need to fight with what's inevitable