shout out!!!

through the years...

I just wanted to say a quick "thank you" 

for being a part of my musical journey

These need first recognition: 

Keith Durflinger - photography

Michelle Mills- publicity writer

Rock 'n Roll Peg - radio,  gig and supporter  Pat Bacich -  soundman and promoter 

Phil O'Keefe - studio engineer 

Alan C , Sharla D and Chuck G - art work

Mike T - photography                                    Tony B- biggest supporter as well as Liz M, Jennifer & Dave W and Larry and Diane M.

Love you all!

Fellow Bandmates; 

Extended Play: 

Mike M,  Deron B, Adam C, Ron D, Mike G, Kelly Mc

JoJo Anthony Group: 

Jojo A, Tommy R, Greg C, Kenny A, Dennis H, Alan A, Scott S

Alexa's Wish: 

 Scott S, Scott O, Robert O, Eggers, Rich D, and Aage, one of the very best!!! thank you for always being there for us!! (miss you man)

The Griffins: 

Deron B, Mike G, (at it again), Kenny (my piston brother), Tom-ato

Gorilla Cookies: 

Vic, Matt, Rich, Vito, Brad Mc


Scott C, Brian H

*special shout out to Rich G. - song writing friend for years ...

and my Uncle Sonny for his incredible ear for music by giving me positive feedback and key change suggestions on occasion. Also Brian B for allowing us to rehearse at his warehouse for years and Allen T and Aage J.

Radio Station support:

Rock 'n Roll Peg - KCAL 96.7 (You Rock Peg!!!)

Bill Hartew - KLOS 95.5

John DeSantis - KCXX  103.9 

Huge Shout Out to all our alexa's wish fans who've been there for us on a fantastic ride and 4 albums later -

some people's kids - your face - whatever- it's always about you

 you all know who you are...

so just know that YOU ROCK BIG TIME!!!!

and all my band directors through the years as well:

Mrs. Sartor, Mr. Mercer, Roger Rickson, Dana Wheaton.

Above all, my wife Tiffany, my two daughters Alexa and Nika, and my mom.

Love you!!!